The PIYN project involves aspiring artists and performers from Auckland's diverse communities, working with the best of contemporary UK talent, to collaborate, create and celebrate. The programme involves capacity building workshops, online and face to face collaborations and master-classes in creativity.

Street art is the movement of the youth generation worldwide. Artists such as Banksy and Antony Lister have taken what started at guerilla art on the street into galleries and museums around the globe.  With a new crop of young visionary artists transforming walls and streets with 3d inspired art, stencils, paint-stripped vistas and irreverant public notice high-jackings, the movement is alive and well and here to stay! ... Oi You! is the South Island and New Zealand's premier festival representing this movement. Oi YOU! presents RISE has enjoyed unprecedented success, almost 120,000 (in a city of 400,000) people have been through the Canterbury Museum in New Zealand’s broken city of Christchurch since it opened just before Christmas, making it the most visited show in the Museum’s history already! RISE is open to the public 7 days a week 9am – 5.30pm until 23 March admission is free and the Oi YOU! Beyond the museum the people of Christchurch are flocking to see all the huge walls transformed into beautiful vistas by the amazing list of artists who came to the city to help brighten the place up. Artists include Eno, Askew (both NZ), the fabulous Antony Lister and Roa (both UK) and of course the UK's Godfather of the scene Banksy. Make sure you take a chance to check out the art if you are in Christchurch. Photo Luke Shirlaw: 201312-Rise-LukeShirlaw_IMG_3307 The Banksy Collection is a subset of the Oi YOU! Collection and includes 22 works and a whole raft of memorabilia by the world’s most talked about artist. It's on show here in its entirity for the first time. Iconic classics include ‘The Flower Thrower’, ‘Kids on Guns’ and ‘Kate Moss’. ‘Grannies’, ‘Monkey Queen’ and ‘Trolley Hunters’ are among some the public’s favourite limited edition prints and the collection also includes rarely seen treats like ‘Pink Smiley Copper’.   88 . 77 . 99 . 999 .   .
To help celebrate a re-invigorated sister city relationship between Dunedin and Edinburgh, led by the British Council New Zealand, we were extremely excited about bringing two of the most talented young Scottish musicians to Dunedin. Ross Ainslie and Jarlath Henderson, described by Scottish media as "ridiculously talented" (Glasgow Herald), these Folk Award champions are heralded by some as the future of piping in Scotland. On November 30th the duo played a packed bar in Dunedin after being at an official British High Commission function in the Town Hall to welcome the Queen's Baton Relay. The formalities were livestreamed back to Edinburgh City for a St Andrew's Day welcome via high speed internet to the Lord Provost. photo2 Above Photo - Mike Chunn from Play It Strange decked out in his kilt for the day. Below photo - British High Commissioner to NZ Vicki Treadell speaks to Edinburgh with the Lord Provost in the background via live link. photo-HC1 Pipers warming up to welcome the Queen's Baton into the Octagon, and (below photo) Ross and Jarlath sound-checking before the Octagon performance. 4 3 The Below video is of Ross and Jarlath with guitar player Gerry Paul sound-checking in the afternoon before the evening bar gig. enjoy! .  

Recently, the British Council NZ sent Gene Jouavel on a fact-finding mission to the UK to his old stomping ground in London, to find out a bit more about the state of London markets, with a view to helping the evolution of Auckland’s own numerous markets.

This August, British Council NZ arts manager Gareth Farry travelled to Edinburgh to immerse himself in the famous Edinburgh Fringe festival and the British Council Showcase contained within it. What follows is his round-up of shows and events.

Auckland’s creative co-working space BizDojo Co.Space and British Council NZ hosted a presentation on 3 April by Richard Reynolds, a passionate and charismatic gardener and founder of Guerrilla Gardening UK. With guests wondering “What is guerrilla gardening?”, Richard was very quick to clear up that it had nothing to do with animal gardening, or dressing […]

This week we were fortunate enought to be able to visit a couple of \schools with Nicole Curin-Birch from the Garden To Table Project.
The visit was especially relevant as tagging along was Richard Reynolds from the UK’s Guerrilla Gardening foundation.

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